Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another first time.

Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the interest. This is my first attempt at posting. This is my first attempt at Blogging for that matter. So hang with me for a minute, I'll get the hang of it.  So for a brief intro from me... 

Hi, I'm Mike. 

Now that, that's out of the way, I can get on with some other things. 

So part of the new me, in this particular new year wanted to think of someway to talk about and exchange opinions concerning life and all that it encompasses. This spans from good fortune, misfortune, life's hilarity and cruelty. Fashion, fitness, nutrition, culture, music, food, wine, cocktails, etiquette, manners, saavy & vice, books, movies, sports & games - All topics that I am enthusiastic about and like to talk about. I think I have some things to offer the world, and I hope that over time, the world can offer me. We all know that it will. 

I've got a lot on my mind these days, so bookmark http://keeponwithit.blogspot.com/ and check up on JKLL. I'll be here. 

A quick side note - After a few posts, I'm going to employ the "Adult Content" disclaimer. Just incase some dicey topics or crude language becomes needed to really drive a point home. After all it was Mark Twain who said "Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer." So if it's good enough for Mark, it's alright with me. 




  1. Aha! So Post a comment is the place to click! LOL. Okay, now that I know, I'll be thinking about something deep for you! But in the mean time I would like to share with everyone my respect for an author that everyone should read. Deepak Chopra has written many books that help to bring us to a self-awareness. Everything he has written is non-threatening and very positive. I hope you will try one of his books. My current read is THE BOOK OF SECRETS: UNLOCKING THE HIDDEN DIMENSIONS OF YOUR LIFE. Have a good read!

  2. Well. The first comment. - So first, I'll say that I appreciate the effort in reading and responding to my initial posting. I absolutely welcome this. Next, although this is public and vulnerable to all views, ummmm, I will say that I feel like you're trying to take over my blog! Ha! I do share your enthusiasm for reading, and I guess, authors. But in a personal response I think that right now, Deepak Chopra is not actually in my current line up of books to read. I'll have to prepare mentally for him. And when I'm ready for that mountain, I will add it to the list. Then hopefully one day soon after we can have a discussion devoted to Deepak Chopra, Dr. Phill, and of course Oprah. But for now I feel like they all get enough attention from the rest of the world and I'd like to not fall to their overwhelming presence.

    But none the less, thanks BJMcK (mother) for your input and I'll hear again from you soon.

    Lastly in an attempt to prevent the above comment from setting the tone for my blog, I'll try this. Don't hesitate to voice your opinions, and don't be offended if I don't jump at them but let's try and keep them mostly relevant to the current vibe of the day. Thanks .